This is an pre-release of Nelson.
Nelson is an extendable and modern numerical computing environment.
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  • Types managed by Nelson:
    • double and double complex: scalar, vector, matrix 2D, N dimensions array, sparse matrix.
    • single and single complex: scalar, vector, matrix 2D, N dimensions array, sparse matrix.
    • logical: scalar, vector, matrix 2D, N dimensions array, sparse matrix.
    • character array (UNICODE supported).
    • string array (UNICODE supported).
    • integers 8, 16, 32, 64 signed and unsigned: scalar, vector, matrix 2D, N dimensions array.
    • handle objects.
  • OpenMP and SIMD extensions used.
  • Fast Fourrier Transformation functions based on FFTW and MKL wrapper.
  • SLICOT (Subroutine Library in Systems and Control Theory) interfaces (optional).
  • Message Passing Interface (MPI): functions for parallel computing.
  • JSON decode/encode data support.
  • HDF5 high-level functions I/O,
  • HDF5 used as default data file format (.nh5) load/save workspace,
  • MAT-file compatible load/save workspace,
  • Foreign Function Interface C/Fortran.
  • Interfacing C/C++ or Fortran with Nelson (build and load external code on the fly).
  • MEX C API compatibility.
  • Nelson Engine API for C (compatible with MEX Engine). Call Nelson from your C code as engine.
  • RESTful API web service.
  • Inter-process communication between Nelson's process.
  • The QML engine enables nelson programs to display and manipulate graphical content using Qt's QML framework.
  • Component Object Model (COM) client interface: binary-interface standard for software components on Windows.
  • Write/Read xlsx files on Windows using COM.
  • Embedded Nelson code editor.
  • Help engine:
    Generate help files using Nelson dedicated functions. View your generated help files as html, markdown, pdf, gitbook or directly in Nelson help viewer.
  • Tests engine:
    Validate your algorithm using Nelson dedicated functions. Export the test results under the xUnit reports format.
  • Profiling and Code coverage tools for Nelson's language:
    Nelson has a built-in profiler that is very useful to profile your code and find out what script or function is taking the most time.
  • Nelson cloud: Instant access to Nelson anywhere from an web browser.
  • Module skeleton to extend Nelson available here:
  • Nelson Modules Manager (nmm) : package manager for Nelson
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